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 Hailing from the Westside of Atlanta, Campbellton Rd + County Line to be exact, real life brothers Willie and Matthew Hunter, BKA SUUMO & SUPA, are bringing you into their world through raw, innovative sounds reminiscent of the Hip Hop of our childhoods.  In their parents struggle to keep their family together they moved around often. They lived in the city, suburbs and even in “the hood”. However the struggle taught them that “it’s not where you live, but how you live”.

They grew to appreciate Atlanta’s art and music culture and gravitated to Hip-Hop. For them, Hip Hop brought the struggles of street life to the forefront. Their mission is to elevate today’s music while mixing classic and new Hip-Hop. While we appreciate and recognize how Hip Hop and rap brought the struggles of street life or “real life” for many to the world, we endeavor to take it to another lever while at the same time taking it back it its roots. We want our music to be reminiscent of that which we grew up listening to. Songs that bring back the nostalgia of our childhoods with thought provoking lyrics that linger long after the music stops. We want to bring about a positive change out of the struggle of poverty, drugs, incarceration, and materialistic slavery, into a new “struggle” of successful living. We chose a name that best reflects our life, history, and destiny.


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The 4th installment of the FDR Mixtape series. Always good music and classic records to chill and vibe to.